Jamaican’s are some of the most warm hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They smile openly and they laugh heartily, either at you or with you.
— Seb Kemp

People often come here saying they want to see the 'real' Jamaica.  Well, we can guarantee you it doesn't get any 'realer' than a ride with Singletrack Jamaica.  The nature of the trails themselves puts you in intimate contact with local communities in a way that 99.9% of tourists would never have a chance of seeing.  But more importantly, Singletrack Jamaica excursions are designed to highlight the thing that truly does make Jamaica 'real' and different than anything you could get anywhere else - the joyous hospitality of Jamaicans themselves.  

The idea that somebody would come out of their house and give you help because you needed it... wow… I think its amazing and I think its a testament to the heart and soul of the Jamaican people.
— Jay Hoots

Whether its at a trail side stop, chatting with Sanchez on the trail, hanging at beach bar after a ride, or simply laughing with Norval and Martin on a shuttle ride, you'll experience first hand how truly remarkable 'real' Jamaicans REALLY are.   

Of course, you'll also immerse yourself in all the other things Jamaica has to offer:  great food, great rum, Red Stripe, beaches, sun, sand and more fun than should be allowed.  Every step of the way you'll have a true Jamaican experience that has not been mediated or 'tourist-ified'.   

Jamaica has all the ingredients for a magical and unforgettable mountain biking experience for me. All you have to do is feel the good vibrations of the island’s atmosphere and you’re there
— Kathy Pruitt